So the other day, this olelongrooffan had another Long Shots experience and thought I might share it with my fellow Hoons.
Now round these here parts of the Ozark Mountains of southwest Missouri, many of the sightings to be seen by this olelongrooffan are generally of the Truck Persuasion but occasionally seeing something out in the wild of a rare nature deserves whipping a Ueeee to further investigate. And this kick butt Fastback was one of those things.

This olelongrooffan would suspect that many, if not most, of my fellow Hoons have already identified this fastback as a highly desirable 1990 Toyota Supra. (Okay, I may be a year or so off but I know I am close this time.) Anyways, even though I’m not a “smaller” fastback coupe fan, this one really caught my eye as I was passing it by that afternoon.
Plus, as an added bonus, it’s a Turbo. As an aside, at a recent backyard party for a nephew’s graduation, I was in a conversation with a fellow party goer who happens to wrench on turbo Subarus for a living. It occurred to me during that afternoon party that turbos are most likely the new V-8 for muscle heads of the day. (Maybe this has already occurred to all ya’all but this olelongrooffan is just now realizing it.) What do my fellow Hoons think?
Anyway, nuf about my old age and such.
As I was gathering up these images I was checking out the condition this now Blue Plate Special legal is in. And overall all it was damn nice. It did have a doctored up scuff on the driver’s side of the front bumper but that’s okay for me. I have a similar scuff on the ass end of my longerroof where this olelongrooffan had an encounter with a chain link fence while backing out of a parking spot at my south Florida condo a whiles back.
But that scuff aside, this is a clean fastback and one I wouldn’t mind Hooning around and having in my livery just for that purpose.
And lest any of my fellow Hoons have a question about those wheels, they are Genuine Toyoda Offerings.
But I will say this about that. This is a sweet ride that I spotted parked under the porte-cochere of that Ozark Mountain stone clad hotel. And see that red barn in the background? Home of Starvin’ Marvin’s Seafood Joint.
The only other ding I could spot on this fastback was this damage to the driver’s side door. I’m not really sure how that could happen but maybe one of my fellow Hoons may be able to ID as to how this damage may have occurred.
But a scuff or two get a hall pass from this olelongrooffan. After all, it’s a Targa.
Image Copyright Hooniverse 2016/longrooffan