Live-ish from Detroit, it's the Hooniverse!!

Good Morning! Today we, and by “we” I mean “I”, are/am in Detroit for the North American International (so which is it, North American or International?) Auto Show! Actually, that’s a good question, why are they calling it international? Where the hell are French cars? This should be called the Detroit United States Domestic Market Auto Show, or DUSDMAS. That has a nice ring to it too, a lot like Du hast, which could be its theme song. Anyway, here is how it works: there are press conferences scheduled throughout the day by each manufacturer. Like cattle, dozens, perhaps hundreds, of professional automotive journalists go to each of these press conferences for food to tell each other how awesome they are to report the breaking news as it happens. With the exception of one or two of these press conferences, I won’t be doing that. I will simply be wondering around aimlessly by myself reporting back on whatever stuff I find interesting (At the New York Auto Show, for instance, Mitsubishi had donuts with bacon bits and Mazda had a race car which was missing brake calipers (and en engine)). I am also taking requests, so let me know whatcha wanna see… and remember, this is my first time doing this LIVE!!-ish “blooging“, so don’t expect too much.  

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