Lot’s of vehicles like to lay claim to being “the best sounding” thing out there. Everyone has different ears. Noise enjoyment is subjective. We all like different things. I think, however, that most of us can agree that the Lancia Delta S4 is a monstrous mid-engined rally beast that bellows forth with truly awesome sounds.

The noise arrives thanks to the twin-charged powerplant that lives behind the driver. A 1.8-liter inline four-cylinder unit benefited from both turbocharging and supercharging. Goodbye low-end lag, hello nearly 500 horsepower. Lancia produced and ran the Delta S4 for two seasons, back in 1985 and 1986. It performed quite well, but it also has a tragic end.

There’s a dark side to the Delta S4. Driver Henri Toivonen and co-driver Sergio missed a turn during the 1986 Rallye de France. The car left the road, crashed on it roof, and burst into flames. Both men died. And this crash, along with a few others, put the final nails in the coffin of Group B rally racing.

Let’s forget that bit for now. Instead, click play and listen to the mighty Delta S4 sing its glorious song.

[Source: YouTube via Road & Track]