Like a Suzuki Sidekick on a Pernod Bender: the Auverland A3/4

Huge articulation, a Peugeot turbodiesel, and the legendary Panhard name tacked on? What more could you possibly want? More info and a few videos of the Auverland after the jump.

A video tour of the A3 is below:
The Auverland family of rugged military and para-military jeeplets were initially produced by, according to one source, a small French company called Samo (or by another account, an engineering firm called Cournil), after which the proto-Auverland family diverged into two awesome branches. One became União Metalo-Mecânica of Portugal, and the other became Auverland. Auverland was successful enough that they were able to procure the rights to the legendary Panhard name from the PSA group, becoming their own French conglomerate of Gauloises-puffing misfits: the Panhard-Auverland group.
The Auverland A3 and A4 have a following (I don’t think I can characterize it as “huge”) for their no-nonsense, dirt-loving ways. The motor and running gear are tough, the interiors chintzy, weatherproofing is questionable, and it has a targa roof. In other words, if your vehicular fantasies are less Megan-Fox-washing-a-Ferrari and more Audrey-Tatou-waxing-a-Traction-Avant, this might be the offroader of your francophile dreams., Wikipedia,

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  1. BPR Avatar

    Looks like what a CJ used to be!

    1. jjd241 Avatar

      Oh Seigneur, qui me fait excité sexuellement

  2. Tim Odell Avatar
    Tim Odell

    You had me at "Audrey-Tatou-waxing-a-Traction-Avant"
    …so I suppose it's a good thing you put it at the end of the post, or I would've missed out on all the fun.

  3. CptSevere Avatar

    Finally, a French vehicle I could picture myself driving without a sense of irony.

  4. muthalovin Avatar

    I sometimes wish I was in the para-military so I could have cool shit like this.

  5. blueplate Avatar

    Auverland? As in, French for Willys-Overland? If today were April 1st, I'd be on to you. Seriously?!

  6. nofrillls Avatar

    I could definitely love this thing (along with Audrey Tatou waxing a Traction Avant).
    I only wish Wranglers were similar–particularly with the whole fuel-efficient, low-power, high-torque diesel deal. When the hell is that gonna happen for us Yanks???