Let’s build this: The Franzis 1/3-scale Ford Mustang V8 model engine!

I want to build an engine, and I’m going to do it in my dining room… because it’s a 1/3-scale model V8 engine!

This kit is offered by Franzis. If you want a crack at it, check it out here on Amazon. You can also find it on Maker Haus.

The kit is a scaled down version of the iconic Ford Mustang 289 V8 engine. Franzis also offers a flat-six Porsche model should you prefer something a bit more of zee German variety. This was fun to put together, and clearly anyone can do it… if I did it.

[Disclaimer: Fanzis sent me this model kit for free. I paid for the beer I drink in the video though…]

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3 responses to “Let’s build this: The Franzis 1/3-scale Ford Mustang V8 model engine!”

  1. salguod Avatar

    Nifty, although I could do without the cheesy engine sounds.

    BTW, the frame the parts are attached to is called the sprue and the little bit you trimmed off is the gate. In a mold, the sprue distributes the molten plastic to each mold cavity, the gate is where the plastic enters the mold cavity to form the part.

    Sorry, former mold designer.

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      I agree. An individual firing sound timed with each “ignition flash” might have been interesting, but as it stands the unsychronized sound of a running engine doesn’t seem to serve much purpose.

  2. Zentropy Avatar

    Honestly, it’s not much more difficult building a real engine, except you have to take more care with the parts, apply lubricant liberally, and torque bolts accurately.

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