Let’s build this: The Franzis 1/3-scale Ford Mustang V8 model engine!

I want to build an engine, and I’m going to do it in my dining room… because it’s a 1/3-scale model V8 engine!

This kit is offered by Franzis. If you want a crack at it, check it out here on Amazon. You can also find it on Maker Haus.

The kit is a scaled down version of the iconic Ford Mustang 289 V8 engine. Franzis also offers a flat-six Porsche model should you prefer something a bit more of zee German variety. This was fun to put together, and clearly anyone can do it… if I did it.

[Disclaimer: Fanzis sent me this model kit for free. I paid for the beer I drink in the video though…]


  1. Nifty, although I could do without the cheesy engine sounds.

    BTW, the frame the parts are attached to is called the sprue and the little bit you trimmed off is the gate. In a mold, the sprue distributes the molten plastic to each mold cavity, the gate is where the plastic enters the mold cavity to form the part.

    Sorry, former mold designer.

    1. I agree. An individual firing sound timed with each “ignition flash” might have been interesting, but as it stands the unsychronized sound of a running engine doesn’t seem to serve much purpose.

  2. Honestly, it’s not much more difficult building a real engine, except you have to take more care with the parts, apply lubricant liberally, and torque bolts accurately.

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