LeMonade: Two e12 BMW 528s for $600

bmw e12 528 for salebmw e12 528 for sale If LeMans taught us anything it’s that we’ll never be as cool as Steve McQueen a racing program needs more than one car to be truly successful. If LeMons has taught us anything, it’s that spare parts are your friend. You can see where we’re going with this, right? bmw e12 528 for salebmw e12 528 for sale This Craigslist ad is particularly painful to the LA Hooniverse crew as these e12 528s share a chassis and most of their mechanical bits with Der UberBird. The blue(ish) car is $200 and seems like it’s one or two good weekends away from being a runner. The brown(ish) one already runs, and costs $500. Buying both gets you a $100 savings and the opportunity to claim that you paid $300 for each, leaving $200 for upgrades or (more likely) a big pile of spare guibos. Inland Empire Craigslist

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