Le Mans On-Board Mechanic: Motoyama and the Deltawing

Not all of us are fans of the DeltaWing.  In fact, some Le Mans fans are quite vocal about their lack of respect for the car, dubbing it the Delta-Wang, the Nissan-powered phallus, or even equating it to the car driven by the “Ambiguously-Gay duo” of SNL TV Funhouse fame.

Regardless of how you feel about the car itself, the technologies it represents, or it’s place in sportscar racing history, I dare you not to shed a tear at Satoshi Motoyama’s valliant efforts to repair the car.  At Le Mans, if a car fails on course, the driver is the only one who is allowed to repair the car, and Motoyama did his very best to fix the ailing Deltawing after being punted by countryman and ex-Williams F1 pilot Kazuki Nakajima.


[Source: Youtube Photo: LeMans-TV.com]

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