Last Call- Your Passing Options Are Many Edition

Over, under, left or right, this John Deere implement will not impede my flight!
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  1. name_too_long Avatar

    Looks like a 4630 Sprayer. Not that uncommon where I live, you could probably squeeze by underneath in a NA Miata, Elise, or other similarly diminutive vehicle but in a normal sedan it wouldn't end well.

  2. EscortsForever Avatar

    I chuckled at the name of the pic – nicely done

  3. CptSevere Avatar

    Elmer's daddy got sick and tired of getting up in the middle of the night to come to the rescue because the kid got the truck high centered once again. So…

    1. dmilligan Avatar

      So Elmer had better not back it onto the Suburban and high center this rig, or there will be blood.

  4. dmilligan Avatar

    This rig is a win on many levels. Great visibility and ground clearance that works in rush hour traffic. Low overpasses could be a bit tricky though. And I'm sure it needs a bigger motor, or three or four.

  5. Paul_y Avatar

    I'd bet a lot of folks here have never seen a grape harvester; I'll have to get pictures of some come this fall. They're weird machines.

  6. smalleyxb122 Avatar

    As one who lives in an area full of cornfields, high croppers are not an unfamiliar sight, and when behind one on a 2 lane, it is inevitable to ponder the feasibility of driving right under it.
    While I'm fairly sure that my Fiero could make it, I haven't attempted such an endeavor. I'm sure that someone, somewhere has done it; And I'm sure that someone, somewhere has failed in an attempt. For fear of being the latter, I shan't attempt the former.

    1. FЯeeMan Avatar

      Ditto what smalley said!

  7. superbadd75 Avatar

    I’m fairly sure my ’93 Miata could easily make it, but I would never be crazy enough to try it.

  8. Texan_Idiot25 Avatar

    I'll do it in the CRX. I'd have to… It would be promptly followed by girlish giggling, bouncing, and laughing.

  9. coupeZ600 Avatar

    What's nuts about these (and all other "farm vehicles") is that there are almost no restrictions on their operations on public roads.
    A buddy of mine had a bad habit of collecting DUI (drunk-driving) tickets, and so his Boss just gave him this old worn out Case back-hoe just so he could get to work. You'd see that thing everywhere, in front of the bars, pulling out of the grocery store parking lot with the bucket full of bags and cases of beer, and as often as not, outside City Court.
    My Driver's License is my livelihood and getting a DUI is a Joe Theiesman-esque career ending injury, so when I go out to really tear it up I ride my bicycle. So late one night in the middle of a blizzard on this snow-packed road I see lights come up behind me, and I tuck and hammer to get as far as i can before I have to bail and get up on the snowbank. I sprinted as far as I could and then just gave up and pulled over to let the car pass. Many minutes later I hear the approaching wound-out diesel, and as it gets up to me I realize it's Ed on his back-hoe.
    "Hey Rex, I thought that was you! I'm headed to a party right down by your house, throw your bike in the bucket and get in, I'll give you a ride."
    I looked at the three cases of Natty-Light in the bucket and because I'd ran back-hoes before, I knew there was no room in the cab. I asked him where I was supposed to ride.
    "Just hang on to the side of the cab?", I said, eying the menacing rear wheel.
    "Naw, just climb in the bucket, you'll be fine!"
    This was long before the term "Epic Fail" was coined, but even as drunk as I was, I was familiar with the concept.

    1. Texan_Idiot25 Avatar

      Beyond awesome.

    2. Alff Avatar

      Snow packed road? Backhoe? Sounds like a recipe for hooky-bob.

    3. lilwillie Avatar


  10. zaddikim Avatar

    I never saw these before moving to Saskatchewan, and now they're a regular annoyance on the commute.
    But as I drive larger vehicles, scooting underneath never occurred to me.
    Now I need a smaller vehicle. A much smaller vehicle. Anyone selling a se7en? I've got…$5.73CAN. With the exchange rate, that should be enough, right?

  11. Louis W. Avatar

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