1. I should take it?
    Jeez. I mean, traffic cones, reflector posts, road signs… at least that shit's possible. I'm not sure you could even get that fork in a 245, much less my 244.

  2. Well if its guerilla art then it shouldn't be there. Taking it would be a service. Mad_Science you've got one task left for your Country Sedan wagon (That is what you have to sell right?).

  3. In France, in 1999, I was driving and my navigator kept messing up the directions. We got to see a 50-foot-tall paperclip sculpture four times and were kindly allowed to pay an Autoroute toll each time. I tried to find a picture but I can't even remember which road we were on at the time. I think it was somewhere between the Bordeaux region and Blois but I might be wrong.

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