Last Call: Yoga Class Edition

I’m surprised that yoga isn’t a bigger spectator sport. In fact, motorcycle yoga is something I’d definitely binge watch.
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Image: Imgur

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12 responses to “Last Call: Yoga Class Edition”

  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    They call that pose “Frontside Squid”

  2. Tiberiuswise Avatar

    Yoga is not a spectator sport. Not even yoga in the park. The police were real clear on that.

  3. Wayne Moyer Avatar
    Wayne Moyer

    Oh I see we found a screenshot from Redline 2:The Reddining. The level of special effects is right up there with the first one.

  4. Douche_McGee Avatar

    now we need a shot from the back, to check her form.

  5. theskitter Avatar

    I’m doing a rabbit/duck thing where her hands are on her legs and her feet are on her arms. Keep it surreal.

    1. Maymar Avatar
      Irrelevant, but I got the Ninja-Claus haul today, and wanted to thank you! I’m excited to see to it that the Peugeot timing belt keeps making its way around the world, and there’s already a spot on my desk waiting for the Panoz.

      1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar

        Whatever life you had is now over — you have been ordained to now become protector and guardian of the Holy Belt! (All Praise Murilee)

      2. theskitter Avatar

        Glad you liked it, and the One Toothed Ring is in good hands. My favorite thing about Ninja Santa is being able to put the person together with the handle, and the years of great talk and stories and comments.

  6. Kiefmo Avatar

    Hey, that’s my old bike. Mine wasn’t so clean, though. Winter road salt saw to that.
    Also, I just signed up for ~$400/mo for the next 5 years to acquire a road warrior 2014 Honda Pilot Touring that’s already put 100k under its dirty bits. The missus acquired steady employment for the first time since our nuptials, and decided that the best way to celebrate was to replace the old Ody-dog. I’m a touch jealous, but that’s mostly because the Merc doesn’t currently have an HVAC control unit, so I got no heat on these cold mornings. I’ll put in plenty of butt-time in the Pilot, too, as it is well-established that the Merc Doesn’t Do Short Trips Where The Engine Cannot Get Warm. Also road trips.

    1. Rudy™ Avatar

      I had to “retire” my old 1997 CR-V (almost 290k miles on it) with a newer model of the same that is a few years old. The ’97 will have light duty, and also be used by my youngest for getting to and from school. At least the 2014 Pilot Touring doesn’t have that horrible ZF 9-speed automatic that the newer Pilots have, which have had many complaints…

      1. Kiefmo Avatar

        If we had a youngun who was closer to driving, we’d probably hang on to the Odyssey, but as it is, our eldest is just 9, so at least 5 years from getting a learner’s permit (still doable at 14 in Kansas).

  7. Victor Avatar

    Hall of Fame Inductee Roy Lunn (standing right) pictured with the first BOSS 429 Ford Mustang, a car which he was instrumental in devloping along with the iconic #Ford GT40