Last Call- Xray-ted Edition


Shorter than ultraviolet but longer than gamma rays, X-rays provide one of science’s most useful tools for doing what was once thought impossible, seeing inside of solid objects. Thanks to Wilhelm Röntgen’s discovery we can now see past skin and muscle, or in the case of this cleverly wrapped Mini, steel and plastic. Remarkable as it is, it’s still all kinds of creepy. 

Image source: Imgur


  1. Wow! I saw this one a couple years ago while on vacation in London. Gotta dig up those old photos. More pictures would be nice, as the paintjob is stunning! On the front you can see the engine painted in x-ray too!

  2. <img src="; width=400>
    As a rule, I hate gimmicky car paint jobs and wraps. But every now and then, one is done well enough that it breaks through my innate dislike. I hate Chris Brown. But I love his Gallardo.
    And I love this Mini.

  3. What are the chances that the X-ray would be taken when he had a giant okra in the back seat?

  4. OT:
    My son was telling me he tried to explain Nurburgring to one of his pals while walking to the park. He said he told his buddy that it looked like a pig's head: Ears, snout, mouth, neck.
    Then he said they walked past a BMW 5 series with a 'ring decal on the trunk lid and was able to confirm his theory to his pal.
    How to explain to him such coincidence is not normal??

    1. Wow, how have I never seen this? Oh, right, never been silly enough to take a car into/out of Logan.

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