I know a lot of people aren’t a fan of the Mk5 for various reasons. Some just don’t like the look, others don’t like the fact that it’s a BMW Z4 in JDM clothing. For me, I think it’s fine, we’ve seen the BMW engine prove to be decently versatile and I think the car looks pretty good overall. But will it be put on a similar pedestal as the Mk4? The mk2 and mk3 Supras are also great but the 2jz Fast and Furious icon is what everyone knows and loves. Ken Gushi is working on a Mk5 for the 2020 Formula Drift season which is cool and the number of builds we saw at SEMA was insane. But it might not have the mass appeal until it gets a feature in a mainstream movie like the Mk4.

Where does it fall in your book?

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