Last Call: Time for a home-built car quarantine project?

Hyundai has cooked up a soapbox car. It’s pretty cool looking but the neat part is that you can build one for yourself at home. Here’s a link to Hyundai’s how-to-do-it:

We’d recommend putting something a bit softer on that seat. It looks like splinter city. The rest is pretty sweet though.

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    1. I like the revised proportions and scale of the screaming chicken on the hood. Very subtle, unlike the lip on the trunk.

      It appears to be not tracking straight down the road. What’s your vector, Victor?

  1. “We’d recommend putting something a bit softer on that seat. It looks like splinter city.”

    My kid ran in the Super Stock division in at local Soap Box Derby events for a couple years. Those cars don’t have seats–only a floorboard. Most racers would sit on a piece of foam rubber. This was not only for comfort purposes, but also as an aerodynamic aid; the lower back of a hunched-over kid does a better job of blocking the cockpit opening and keeping the wind out of the inside of the car when he or she is sitting up a little higher.

    Anyway, last week he joined his university’s Formula SAE team.

  2. Maybe it’s time for a reverse Local Motors. A crowd sourced car that can be 3D printed at home while a large amount of people are stuck there.

  3. Bringing me back to my days running with the San Francisco Illegal Soapbox Society. This film dates from before the time of YouTube, before PBR Beer was cool, and about two years before I started running a tadpole trike made of moped wheels (nicked from my messenger company) and square tube with no welded joints.

    This shit’s so f-ing Gen-X that Puck is in it; and a luge board! Cheers to the Sony Handycam! Mag tape’s gonna make a comeback, yo!

    1. This is serious nostalgia overload in this video, holy shit. Everyone looks like they’re fronting a different period-appropriate band and I’m down with it. I was 13 in 1993.

  4. Now I’m remembering I never did finish the draw-a-Porsche 911 (or whatever code of “Porsche that has a badge that says 911 or Carrera” that corresponds to the car you chose to draw) thing back when we were a solid month into the 15 Days To Slow The Spread. Building a thing seems like a bit more commitment.

    1. Dude’s riding a bicycle while somehow simultaneously balancing a propane tank & a watermelon on his head, so it’s a parallel universe where Ford built medium-duty trucks with parts resembling the US F-series ’80-’96 cab and ’97-’03 headlights. Gonna guess south of the equator in either Argentina/Chile or toward the south end of Africa.

        1. It’s hilarious to have the hood slope down like that since here in the States the truck owner would want it squared off and big as hell.

          1. Which, in itself, is a very odd desire, as it decreases visibility and often isn’t even necessary to hide the engine.

            I really like the look of that thing above. Very utilitarian, but with buckets of personality, too. Could be Russian.

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