Last Call: They Said I Could Be Anything…

…so I became a sailboat. And now I’m at the bottom of Chesapeake Bay. Kids, it’s important never to have ambitions.
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    So, today… I saran wrapped the tires of our forklift. As you do.
    As it happens, they want all their science exhibits re-installed, but they don’t want you driving your Komatsu over the freshly polished concrete.
    I bet you already figured out how we did it.

  2. I am trying to clean out my loft and found tons of nostalgic stuff. Like the time 15 yo me asked Peter Horbury for an autograph, and he actually did that. The soon-to-be-real S80 adorned this postcard:

    View post on

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    I am also utterly shocked at the mountains of handwritten correspondance I found. So much spare time in pre-internet times!

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