Last Call – The Seat of Power Edition

As comfortable as an old baseball glove.
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  1. B72 Avatar

    Looks like an oil-in-frame britbike with the rear seat loop cut off (among other mods). That big cap on front of the seat is so you can add the oil to the frame. They used dry-sump motors and needed a place to store the oil, so they just made a frame tube a little bigger. Triumph rolled these out in '71 and used them through the production stoppage in the early 80's. I think BSA used them too and maybe some others. They worked OK but weren't as popular as the earlier dry frames.
    /end britbike brain dump

  2. CptSevere Avatar

    "As comfortable as an old baseball glove…" Until you catch a ball fired by some maniac with arms like my legs, then it hurts. Check it out, this bike has had the shocks replaced by solid struts. Hit a pothole on this baby, and there goes your coccyx. Ouch.

    1. B72 Avatar

      Having spent plenty of hours on the ones with regular shocks, I can't imagine that solid struts could be much worse.
      The seat pans are often somewhat flimsy, so with a thin seat like this you actually take a lot of the beating from the frame rails running along the sides.