Last Call: The only way to go camping

If there were a competition for the most badass way to go camping this guy would win it by a country mile. Chris Cut is the owner of this NSX and spends his time traveling from spot to spot with the attachable camper. As if camping in an NSX didn’t already turn people’s heads, the car camper combo is bright red. I love everything about the car alone too. The wheels, the suspension, it’s all so subtle to make a killer setup. Plus, he brings his dog with him, and who doesn’t love dogs? I could easily see myself taking this for a trip regardless of how uncomfortable the drive might be at times. Could you?

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17 responses to “Last Call: The only way to go camping”

  1. Zentropy Avatar

    Awesome. And that’s one sick NSX. Love it.

  2. Batshitbox Avatar

    That’s “Glamping”.
    Hardcore Adventure Motorcyclists like yours truly tough it out perched on the pillion.

    1. nanoop Avatar

      Worst of two worlds – the inconveniences of a tent on stilts united with the inclination to tipping of a stationary two-wheeler on soft ground! Using the suspension of the MC with the rigid feet makes the dynamic behavior even more interesting… Still beats burying tent pegs in the sand I guess.

      1. 0A5599 Avatar

        Don’t forget about all the extra weight to carry (have you ever picked up one of those collapsible ladders?) and the inconvenience of permanently attaching something so bulky to the seat.

        No worries, though. It’s a fake product.

        1. nanoop Avatar

          Something got triggered- not exactly my BS detector, but something…

          1. Troggy Avatar

            Don’t feel bad, as a regular motorcycle camper I went through much the same thought process before dismissing it.

            Also: can’t ride the bike while it’s set up I’ll stick with the swag (damn)

        2. Lokki Avatar

          Too bad it’s not real. I’d love to see that set-up in the wild. Cause if that bike tent started rockin’ I’d totally be gawkin’…and taking bets. Guy closest to guessing how long it takes before the whole affair (heh!) collapses gets to help pull the girl out of the wreckage.

  3. 0A5599 Avatar

    I once saw a NSX that had a Ferrari frame around the license plate. This car aspires to be something bigger.

  4. Sjalabais Avatar

    Still not sure why the tent is on the car instead of next to it…

    Yesterday, I finally cleaned the carburetor on my inoperable lawnmower – and it worked! Such an easy process, too. Never touched the carb on any of my cars, because I felt there was way too much magic happening there and I wouldn’t want to mess with the fairies living inside it. It still does its occasional pow pow misfires, but the thing ran without one single stop.

    1. nanoop Avatar

      Paging Mr. Sjalabais, paging Mr. Sjalabais – two Volvo-themed shirts on today!

      1. Sjalabais Avatar

        Nice, “Swede Child of Mine” is pretty similar to something I tried to do a few years ago.

        1. Zentropy Avatar

          I ordered that one yesterday. I think at least half of my tees are from Blipshift.

  5. nanoop Avatar

    Having the popup tent on that trailer would make it more useful – park
    your stuff at the camping site and still use the car as a vehicle.
    I hope the “matching NSX trailer” is not a cut-up NSX body, that would be too heavy for a trailer.

    1. Troggy Avatar

      The question is: for the trailer, would you use the rear section sans-engine, or the front “frunk” section? And if you used the front, would it/should it be towed facing forward, or ‘backwards’? I’m slightly favouring the front section towed backwards, with either the park lights or pop-up headlights adapted to become the brake lights, although the rear section would probably allow for more storage space and probably be a little more aesthetically pleasing.

      1. nanoop Avatar

        He could reuse the tent mount when the trailer was made of a sufficient rear portion though – park it in the canyon and enjoy a ride.

  6. Lokki Avatar

    I don’t know…. I just don’t get it. This whole set-up hints at dents, scratched paint, wobbles, and sundry frequent minor annoyances. I guess those tent legs would work great in sunny California where the ground is always dry and firm, but not so much elsewhere… And then there’s packing it up to carry on the back of the NSX… tent, poles, platform, and ?fire pit? Hope you don’t plan on zooming through the mountain roads with that load. It’s going to take a perfectionist pack-up to not only to get it all on board but then to keep it from sliding around. Then there’s the whole ground clearance thing. Hope you find a good camping site that is right next to the highway, cause you’re not going very far afield in that NSX. Oh, and you’d better be a “list-maker-shopper” and like your coffee black because the dog takes up the passenger seat so no cooler can sit there, and you’re not going to drop that tent for a quick run into to town to get some eggs…

    To my mind this whole exercise is about turning a silk purse into a sow’s ear, and about as successful. You’d be better served to put a turbo and some good suspension work on a Honda Element. At least the dog would be comfortable in that, and you’d have room for a cooler, maybe a little mini-bike, and who knows? Maybe even a girlfriend.

    I knew that Zentopy would like it though – it not only has a windshield but it’s getting a trailer hitch.

  7. eric asmussen Avatar
    eric asmussen

    I camped with my 85 Fiero V6 for 13 years- took three years to learn how to pack it; If I forgot something the hole would be the shape of what I had forgotten! I had a 3-man tent, cots & sleeping bags, 2-burner stove. The only thing in the passenger compartment was a small icebox in the footwell. Took three different GFs camping and they never complained. Could take either my 6″ telescope or my inflatable kayak- but not both. Once, I was setting up camp at Zion. A guy in his RV was watching….Finally went to get food out of the cabinet in the frunk….he was looking in there; “Hi, how are you?” and he stated, “It looked like one of those circus trunks where they keep handing stuff up from below the floor! How the heck do you get it all in that small car?” I still have the car- although i have modified it a bit.