Last Call- The Junkyard Primeval Edition

When Little Red Riding Hood was making here way to Grandma’s house, she came across the sly Wolf, who was sitting despondently among his collection of wrecked and discarded cars along the path. What big Isettas you have, exclaimed Red Riding Hood. The better to seat you with, replied the wolf. And what big Peerless’ you have, said Red. Replied the wolf, the better to endear you, my dear. Finally, Red Riding Hood stopped in front of a pile of Saabs, and after a moment of reflection turned to the wolf, what big. . . she began, and the wolf, awaiting his cue raise a single brow and twitched his tail almost imperceptibly. But Little Red Riding Hood could find nothing to comment about with the Saabs, and as bound by the strictures of the fairy tail in which they live, she continued on, leaving the wolf once again alone but for how moss-covered charges. I knew I should never have bought a Saab, said the wolf to himself, thus joining every other Saab owner on the planet and not living very happily after all.

Image: [redbubble]

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