Last Call: The Hennessey Venom F5 is apparently ready to say howdy for real

Hennessey has been talking about its Venom F5 hypercar for a bit now. There’s been talk of insane power, a 300+ mph top speed, limited numbers, and big bucks. Now the car is about to make its real-deal production-spec debut. Will it hit all the claims? We’ll just have to wait and see. Sure should be interesting though.

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  1. My son seems to be getting into trains at least a little bit (he likes waving to them as they go by since we live nearish to both a freight/commuter corridor and one of the exposed bits of subway line). He’s already got one of the little wooden Ikea sets, and he’s getting some generic expansion bits for Christmas, but I sort of wanted subway cars for him (it’s probably more for my sake than his). There’s a company that does them for New York and Chicago, but I’d sort of accepted that I’d probably have to make my own if I wanted Toronto (and even then, finding the right kind of cars to work with was tricky, and my artistic skills are atrocious). My wife made the mistake of showing me the TTC just released a set this week, and I couldn’t order it quickly enough.

  2. How will he be able to steal parts off of customer cars if it’s an original design? /s Considering they made only 13 Venom GT’s, I’ll consider this vaporware until customers actually have cars. John makes cool machines, but I wouldn’t trust him with my vehicles/money.

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