Last Call: The GT-R50 will be a super rare classic in the future

The first production model of the Nissan GT-R50 was made and I personally think it looks pretty cool. But I might be a little biased. The R35 was the car that made me want to learn more about cars back when I was a kid so it will always be special to me. Despite this, $1.1 million for a GTR let alone a Nissan is still insane. Yes there will only be 50 and yes it represents some amazing heritage. But even if I was a millionaire I don’t think I would be able to consider it worth the price. I still think it’s neat and I bet it’ll be worth three times what it is now later on. What do you think of the design?

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  1. So I’m going to spoil today’s Xfinity NASCAR race. NASCAR has put on a couple decent fanless races this week but this was the best by far for several reasons. I’d recommend watching it even with what I’m about to say. So Tropical Depression Arthur Dent is messing things up for NASCAR on the east coast because it always rains on NASCAR races. This delayed the Xfinity feeder race from Tuesday until today at 430pm when it was supposed to be delayed until noon.. This was right after they did a Cup race last night at 6pm. This didn’t keep Kyle Busch out of the race because well if you follow the series then you know why.
    The winner of the race has had the worst week ever. He is 23 and he and his wife just had something seriously awful happen to them. Well more to her. Somehow he raced.
    This lead to one of the most amazing final thirty laps and then last couple. Kyle did what what Kyle does. He went to go push Chase out of the way but he kept his foot in it and raced through it. Just watch the short video. The kid has some amazing racing chops. He just wouldn’t give up and he earned that win. After he got through the finish line then he just stopped, got out of the car, and wept.
    If this was the WWE then I’d say it was scripted but not the way his car handled during the race. You couldn’t script it. It was too loose. It hit the wall a few times. It was just all over the place. His emotions weren’t crocodile tears either.
    Just an incredible race that I recommend watching.

  2. From the Department of Just The General Weirdness Department:

    I spent about 2-1/2 hours in one of these what aren’t for some reason being called Social Circles because maybe that’s too obvious? It’s nice, nobody bothers you. The Friendly International Brotherhood of Picnic Inspectors comes by fairly regularly (Scottish, Maltese, Pomeranian, Bernese, Dalmatian…)

      1. This is almost breaking my mind. I understand the logic. I mean I get it. It just seems like it would be in some low budget dystopian movie on an episode of MST3k or Rifftrax.

        1. I like the irony in that to appear as a thoroughly normal 21st century human you have to do this patently bizarro shit that in other decades would get you committed. “Nothing to see here! Just a couple normal San Franciscans wearing surgical masks corralled in a chalk circle with two bicycles and a picnic basket. Thanks for stopping by. Keep moving.”

          1. What, nobody has set up a slot car track in one of those circles yet? Disappointing.

  3. Today, it’s been two weeks with a black car. I was prepared that it would look perma-dirty, and it does. Basically hosing it down after every ride, to a certain neighbour’s great delight. A real issue though is that our neighbourhood cats have figured out that this is a warm spot to hang out on. They jump up, some barely clinging onto it and burrying their claws deep into the paint. All of them bring sand and small stones onto the car, rubbing it in and doing serious damage to the paint:
    I sprayed pepper over my Honda for months trying to fix the same issue. It became less prevalent, but wasn’t fixed. All sorts of “solutions” – predator piss, ultrasonic devices, citrus, tarp are really poor solutions…Any magic ideas out there?

    1. I have the same problem with a Brooklands Green, (BRG), Rover 400. I wash the car at least once a week and re-wax polish it, by hand every month. You’ll never keep cats off cars, specially off nice warm bonnets/hoods on cold nights unless you have a garage to keep the car in.

      1. Wow, that’s a lot of effort. My cars tend to be very clean, but this is a new issue to me. There’s a lot of fine trouble spots in the paint that need attention, and I might need to get the bonnet repainted anyway. After that, I was thinking about one of these coats…need to read up, but I feel some responsibility to keep this one in fair shape.

        Just went to the city in the Camry to carry home a big cupboard. What a noisy car this is now! How many cars do you have? Any of them garaged? My garage is tailored to a Beetle, so if I try to put the Centennial in, it would probably look like that:

        1. I have several cars, four of which are garaged. A Citroën CX, Lancia Gamma Coupe, Mercedes Benz C124, and Rover 820 are in that. The Citroën BX, Rover 825, Honda Civic Shuttle, and W124s (3) are driven semi regularly and are just covered. The 400 has become my main car for it’s driving qualities, size and economy, and it’s efficient A/C in summer. As the air gets colder in our autumn, the heated seats in the 300E 24 will probably put it at the top of the list, it’s the car of choice for trips too.

      1. Wow, first and foremost from a different time. Imagine the animal cruelty protests today…but some sort of mechanical animal propellant would definitely help.

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