Last Call: The greatest Camaro ever made?

Yes. The answer is yes.

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  1. I was first going to say that Sunoco-Penske is the correct livery for a Camaro, citing the early Trans Am cars, but I grew up reading magazines that usually had a bunch of articles on Player’s Challenge races. A field full of 3rd gen F-bodies is already pretty cool, but also apparently if you ordered the requisite Camaro 1LE (hardtop, big brakes, right powertrain, and no A/C), you’d get a phone call from John Heinricy just to verify you knew exactly what you ordered. So yes, a 3rd gen Sunoco-livery Camaro might be peak cool for me.

    1. That reminds me of a letter to Hot Rod or Car Craft in the 80s where the guy ordered a very basic Firebird Formula and it was delivered with rear disk brakes he hadn’t ordered because the system saw maximum engine/minimum options and assumed race car.

    1. Meyer’s exploits still defy belief

      That is one of the more bizarre things I have read, completely new to me. A Mad Max style car, a bullet lodged in his helmet, presenting himself as “Meyer, US Army” and writing a book called “God’s Rambo”? Sounds like a metric bucket full of crazy, that ended up doing a lot of good nonetheless.

    2. Wow! What an incredible badass!

      I had never heard of Helge Meyer and his Ghost Camaro before, but I’ve now spent the last hour reading everything I can find about this truly heroic humanitarian.

  2. No.

    I’m sure it’s a fantastic race car, but there’s not much Camaro there. The Penske Sunoco Camaros of the 60s or any number of IMSA Camaros are actually Camaro based.

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