Last Call: The Best Motorcycle in the World Edition

According to the people who sold them, the Triumph Bonneville 120 was the best motorcycle in the World. I don’t know about you, but I’d sure like to put that to the test today.
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Image: Go Away Garage


  1. Here’s a classified ad I found earlier that I just have to share with you guys. There’s no other way of saying it, it’s a wood cabin on top of a 1961 Unimog.
    Built between ’78 and ’81, put into storage in ’84 and revived in ’11, but there’s no word on whether it was registered in the meantime or whether it would actually pass any inspections to begin with. The execution and interior are surprisingly decent though.

    1. You could have waited with the post until “Hooniverse asks: what cars came with tiles”…

  2. A local cycle shop had 2 Royal Enfields for show amongst the hogs at the Dallas Auto Show. The kid walked up to one and said he’d “totally ride this.” 🙂

    1. On my route home from the station, a Royal Enfield has been parked for the last few months. Unfortunately they have parked it rear to curb so that it sticks slightly out from the cars around it, so I foresee some unpleasantness in the future.

    2. I’m all about the Royal Enfield Interceptor now that I know they made a twin. I just want to pull up next to some hipster on a Bullet and blow their little mind with how obscure this bike they’ve never heard of is.

    Found this on the semi-local Craigslist. Looks like a fun psuedo-beater, four wheel drive with a stick shift even. And then I see this…
    Which looks a little weird. Weird because Cummins/Onan 634T-A 3.4 liter 6 cyl turbo diesel out of a UPS truck. Shut the front door!
    Ad link:

  4. OT: when I called the local junkyard to get a thermostat housing for a Ford Zetec, the guy just laughed, said those basically belonged on the 10y inspection parts list, named me a price which would get me a new one from abroad including shipping and tax, and hung up.
    Where’s that junker romantics gone?

    1. They all crumble and start leaking at some point so not worth it going for a used part. IIRC it’s about 150€(1.8 and 2.0) from the dealer, and there are no aftermarket alternatives except for milled aluminium ones for 350€.
      One shop quoted me 350€ to change the thermostat housing, including 2½ hours labour. Did it myself in about half an hour..

      1. For that kind of job I don’t bother workshops anymore, a recent development of me becoming more capable and scroogy…
        I hate it when the housing breaks before the gasket it’s supposed to hold in place.
        I found a part in the German ‘Bay for 30Eur. Å female store name, address in Gran Canaria, and a male contact in Romania, shipping to Norway – I love Europe (if this works).

  5. The popularity of Tritons, TriBSAs, Rickman frame kits and other hybrids of Triumph engines in any frame other than Triumph argues for the Bonnie as potentially the best motorcycle in the world, if you fixed the handling.

    1. A lot of those mash-ups had to do with companies folding and having a fire sale on overstock. (See the Indian “Chief” with the Royal Enfield Interceptor engine above.) That type of overproduction led to being hidebound, unable to adapt to new technology and ultimately going out of business. The small-time boutique frame manufacturers designed around what was cheap and abundant; mass produced T120s and Gold Stars

      1. I would say yes and no, the most notable supply and demand issue I can think of in that area was Manx Norton Featherbed rolling chassis going cheap because Formula 3 racers only wanted the engines. Also a lot of Tritons were built on OHV singles since a twin cylinder cafe racer was more fashionable.

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