Last Call- That's a Lot of Chainsaws Edition

Yes, there’s a bike in the picture. For those of you who can see it, that’s 24 Dolmar chainsaws powering the drag bike. Strangely, for a chainsaw-powered machine, it uses a belt for its final drive.
In case you were wondering what that would sound like we’ve got the video of it being started after the jump.

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  1. Alff Avatar

    That's at least a two stroker.

    1. Kogashiwa Avatar

      I have no idea what you're talking about.

  2. dragon951 Avatar

    6.3hp, 13.6lbs X 24 = 151.2hp, 326.4lbs (+ bike weight). It might not be that fast, but it will go 0-rollover in 2s flat.

  3. CptSevere Avatar

    It's eight times as awesome and scary as the two stroke triple Suzuki I used to have. However, my old GT550 was a hell of a lot easier to get started. One kick, two when it was cold.

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  5. skitter Avatar

    Reviews of the Dolmar PS-7900 generally compare its noise to that of a Twincharged Lancia.

  6. vince Avatar

    there are a few other "things" from the famous german motorcycle and beer related comic "Werner"
    the red Porsche killer, the Oldsmobile with build-in beercooling compartment in front of the engine,
    the dolmette was the successor of the red Porsche killer
    have a look :
    click the "Schmiede" button and than click on the pictures on the right side
    all these vehicles are born in the comics and brought to live to have some fun, as showcars,
    and finally to beat the arch-enemy, an old Porsche, on track (drag race)
    have a nice day

  7. soo΄pәr-bādd75 Avatar

    That gal looks like she might be missing some teeth. I guess one should expect that since she is posing on a motorcycle that's powered by chainsaw engines.