Last Call- That Pictogram's a Little Specific Edition

Road signs are usually designed to warn of danger. In some instances, they can also provide instruction on how to dispatch that wealthy dowager in order to collect the inheritance.
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        1. "No diving onto top of open hood while someone imitating a flamingo is looking under the hood, at night"
          The dot on that exclamation point is the exact same size as the guys head.

  1. That was nice of them to try and warn the alligators about the dangers of careening wheelchair-bound people. I know what kind of danger they can be – my grandma's a vehicular menace on her scooter, mowing down all in her path.

    1. James May once interviewed Margaret Calvert, who, along with a colleague, created many of Great Britain's road signs.
      He asked her this question. She said that she hadn't noticed until the signs were up and people pointed it out.
      May tried to draw on the end of a spade, to make it more apparent that it wasn't an umbrella.
      That went predictably.

    1. I'm still waiting for some sue-happy interest group to make them change it to "developmentally challenged children."
      What? The sign isn't using "slow" in that context? Huh. Carry on, then.

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