Last Call: Shopping Trolley Terror Edition

Fortunately there were no injuries. 
Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day.  It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is not only accepted, it’s encouraged.
Image: ©2017 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved

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5 responses to “Last Call: Shopping Trolley Terror Edition”

  1. Wayne Moyer Avatar
    Wayne Moyer

    The shopping cart knows what you did last summer!

  2. outback_ute Avatar

    No groceries were harmed in the making of this picture…

  3. Sjalabais Avatar

    I see a little “Limited” plastic text on about every Jeep I encounter. Do they use that word right?

    1. Vairship Avatar

      Sales are “limited” to whoever wants to buy one…

  4. JayP Avatar

    “Brought to you by Carl’s Jr”