Last Call – Ripped From the Headlines…of the Garden Section Edition

I would totally pay to have Lenny Brisco mow my lawn.
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  1. Alcology Avatar

    Only if the mower goes bong bong

  2. Alff Avatar

    Would it be legal to pay one of their officers for a little trim?

  3. jjd241 Avatar

    Here are my latest street finds. The school bus is a good size, and looks to be in fair shape.
    [youtube jFuO0PH9mKM youtube]

  4. Mr_Biggles Avatar

    There's a bizarre Ed Roth – Back To The Future mashup on Teefury today.
    <img src="; width="500"> <a href="” target=”_blank”>

    1. CptSevere Avatar

      I bought a autographed T shirt from him at a car show awhile back. I wore it until it fell apart. Don't let anybody tell you that I don't appreciate Fine Art.

  5. Syrax Avatar

    I'll take Angie Harmon.

    1. tiberiusẅisë Avatar

      Dibs on Mariska Hargitay
      <img src="; width="400">

      1. Syrax Avatar

        Special Violets Unit?

      2. scroggzilla Avatar

        Great! Then, I can have Jill Hennessy, Elisabeth Rohm and Alana de la Garza all to myself.

  6. FЯeeMan Avatar

    I'd hire him. Keep the yard nice. And safe.