Last Call- Picinicatamaran Edition


Well, that’s one way to deal with the heat and ensure that ants don’t ruin your picnic.

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  1. So… my parents were going through some old photos and this showed up.
    <img src="; width="500/">
    One of the gentleman there is the uncle of my grandfather. I tried to id the car, but I have nothing. It looks like a big car by the size of the fender and the fact that it clears the door. Can any hoon help identfying this car?

      1. great! thanks! really pretty car, better than a 4 door '46 desoto, but at least that one lives in my house.

        1. I'm in the same boat as you with the Mystery Car. The only one I ever got right was the Davis, but I sure as hell wasn't first…

        2. I tend to run hot and cold on Mystery Car. Sometimes something is immediately identifiable, or at least (like in this case) is pretty easy to figure out the nation and era – '39 Cadillac was a great starting point, it was really just a bit of googlefu away from the actual answer.
          Other times, completely lost, or I spot the wrong cue which leads down a path that will never lead to a real answer – there was something recently that I was convinced was something very German and very recent, which was actually none of those things.

      1. I saw a 1950 Buick super on sunday at a car show, kind of a weird green. Fantastic! That shade of yellow is where it's at for me. White top and tan interior and I'd be proud to call that car mine.

    1. "Pakistani pile driver" sounds like either a drink or something dirty.
      The video reminds me of my first job out of college assembling airport tug tractors. As port of the engineering traing program I had to build the tractors. The workforce was mostly SE Asian/Vietnamese. Many times the 1/2" thick running boards would need the persuasion of a 6' crow bar for the holes to line up. It took about three of the Vietnamese guys to straighten it out. At 6'1" ~300lbs. I was able to take the place of 3 of those guys.

      1. "Pakistani pile driver" does sound like a drink or possibly title of porn movie. My, you were/are a big guy.

        1. Sadly, urban dictionary is lacking a definition.
          Still big, but not quite that big, I lost about 50l bs. last year. Something about turning 40 and having a child made me realize that it was time to do something.

  2. OT: Automatics- I may have turned a corner.
    Spent the weekend with my pals instructing at Motorsport Ranch. One of my students was in a BRZ automatic. First day, I had him leave the car in D to be one less thing to worry about. That car was a dog. Coming into Rattlesnake, the car lugged in 5th, then mississippi-one mississippi-two mississippi-three then we get a downshift. UGH!
    My student recognized he was tired and asked if I would finish the session. My last automatic was that '83 5000. I didn't know how to get it out of P. After he showed me, I had it in the manual mode.
    Totally transformed the car. Gran Turismo in real life. I had that car sideways, had it nipping the curbs, anywhere I wanted the car, I had it. Corner? Clickclick and we're in the right gear. A fun car to drive. And at 7/10th's, it was about 4/10ths of the slick-shod M3s.
    Next day, I read up on SPORT mode. And it worked pretty well. The trans held gear longer and when braking hard into a corner, it matched revs as it downshifted.
    I could live with a transmission like this. I guess it's time to load up on Geritol and Depends.

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