Last Call- Oxymoron Edition

Obviously much more luxurious than the Hillbilly Standard.

Thanks to Deathair for the snap.

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17 responses to “Last Call- Oxymoron Edition”

  1. chrystlubitshi Avatar

    there appears to be a rob zombie grade typo…………………….

  2. Alff Avatar

    Currently showing on AMC…

  3. blueplate Avatar

    The only thing it's missing is the Canadian Tire logo visible in the background. Canadian Tire, that's Northern for "somewhat like Walmart, with better tools and maple-leafy-flavour.

    1. Maymar Avatar

      Oh, it's there – the big red triangle in the top left corner.

    2. DeadinSideInc Avatar

      And did you know, 88% of us live within 40 minutes of at least one store?
      More tools, hardware, and car stuff than walmart

  4. franchitti27 Avatar

    Alberta, making Canada proud since 1905.

  5. nofrillls Avatar

    If the exhaust stacks don't have cylindrical, semi-style heat shields, is he still a redneck?
    If a pickup has roof-mounted clearance lights but no chrome air horns, is he still a redneck?
    Is the self-aware redneck not still a redneck?
    We mere mortals know not the answers to such questions….

    1. smokyburnout Avatar

      "If the exhaust stacks don't have cylindrical, semi-style heat shields, is he still a redneck?"
      I'm pretty sure lacking something that resembles a safety feature makes him still a redneck.

    2. Texan_Idiot25 Avatar

      Well I'm from Texas, so I maybe more than mortal.
      -Heat shields need not apply. Just so long as you can stow small children in them, you're diesel pipes are big enough.
      -Clearance lights are standard for 3/4 and 1 tons, horns are frowned upon, usually hidden.
      -He even has the redneck parking, one rear tire over. Truck is too long to make a straight shot in, and the owner is in too much a hurry to straighten it out.

    3. Alff Avatar

      None of those things precludes redneckness. IMO, though, stacks and roof lights on a half ton make for a bit of a redneck poseur.

  6. CptSevere Avatar

    Um, I live in Tombstone, AZ, and there are more trucks like this here than I can count. I actually looked at this picture and thought, "What's the big deal?" Of course, there are ranchers, heavy equipment operators, excavating company owners, people who live in huge fifth wheel trailers, people who live off the grid miles from the pavement, and others here who need a big truck like this and use them for their intended purpose. However, nobody here feels the need to shout the fact to the world. A big gnarly truck here is a tool, not a statement.

    1. CptSevere Avatar

      I call the trucks with big lift kits, shiny wheels, huge tires, and immaculate paint jobs Burb Trucks, because that's where they come from. They'll never leave the pavement, or haul anything. Yeah, I think they're about as ridiculous as H2's and the drivers are asshats.

  7. Froggmann_ Avatar

    Nope not nutty enough to be in the video…
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    1. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

      wow… just wow.

  8. P161911 Avatar

    Reminds me of the jacked up trucks with the 38" mud tires I see around here with a bumper sticker of a rebel flag with REDNECK in the middle of it. Gee ya think? Who else would drive a truck like that.

  9. Dr_Dangerously Avatar

    oooooh yeah,
    Hillbilly deluxe Hot rod – $5000 (Colville)

  10. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

    The important question to me is who is the jackass who put exhaust stacks on a light duty pickup? That person needs to join the trucknuts guy and jump off a cliff.