Last Call- Mr. Plow Strikes Again Edition


Upon its introduction, one of the Saturn’s touted features was its plastic body panels. Unbeknownst to the layman, the pieces that made up the sides of the car weren’t all the same kind of plastic. The doors used Pulse alloy, a blend of polycarbonate and ABS, while the quarter panels and fenders were made of polyphenylene oxide and polyamide (PPO/PA), which was known as GTX. 

The thing of it is, no matter what the composition, in the end they’re all plastics and are no match for a municipal snow plow.

Image source: Imgur


  1. To be fair, steel panels would have been a mess from such a strike as well. Of course, they wouldn't likely be sliced open like a cheap sardine can, but still a mess.

  2. They also shattered in amazing ways when frozen and hit by a Volvo. I may have experienced it.

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