Last Call- Motor Homely Edition

This 1971 Star Streak motorhome currently resides in the Towe Auto Museum in Sacramento. Prior to that it terrorized small children on highways nationwide. The Star Streak was built by Paul Jones of Cape Coral, Florida, who, like a serial offender, followed up five years later with the Eldorado-based Star Streak II.

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  1. longrooffan Avatar

    I see the front bumper resemblance and also the dual fins in the rear. The upper fin from the 61 sedan as well as the lower fin from the mid '70's version. But where did the rectangular head lights come from in 1971? This olelongrooffan's memory doesn't remember those head lights prior to around 1976? I stand to be corrected though. And I thought those "padded" wheel covers first debuted on the later model El Dorados.

  2. rovingardener Avatar

    Back in the 70's it was common to see Toronados and Eldorados with the rear axle removed, welded up to a travel trailer frame. I think they had a turning circle of about 2 miles.
    I also saw one that was a Toronado with the rear open with a walkway to a travel trailer, but never anything like the Star Streak or any thing like it.

  3. microbuss Avatar

    Don't forget Ben 10 cartoon show had one also with lots of satallite dishes on the roof!

    1. roy Avatar

      a friend of mine recently bought one &likes it so much it completely changed his retirement plans.