Last Call- Mother Mary Full of Grace, Help Me Win This Stock Car Race Edition

So, two nuns are driving back to the convent, late one night, along a deserted stretch of road. Suddenly, a dark shape passes overhead and a vampire, all bared teeth and flowing cape, lands on the hood of the car. The nun driving swerves out of panic, but that fails to dislodge the blood sucking ghoul. Turning to her passenger she says What should I do?! The other nun points at the snarling demon and replies, Show him your cross. The driver then sticks her head out of the window and with a scowl shouts Get off the f**king hood of my car, asshole!
Image source: [MammaLoves. . . ]

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  1. Springer Avatar

    The year I graduated from High School, the nuns who ran the school were driving an Edsel wagon. Do you suppose that is that why every time I look at the front of an Edsel I think of nuns?