Would it really be a Hennessey if it wasn’t extremely over the top? Absolutely not and that’s why you now have the 6×6 Mammoth. Now the main question you’re probably thinking right now is why the hell would I ever need 1,200 horsepower in a truck with six wheels? The answer you tell your wife is that it’ll be great for taking the kids to school. In reality, this is probably one of the biggest flexes on the planet. See, it used to be a flex that your truck had six wheels and that’s why you bought the Mercedes 6×6. But now when your buddy Josh comes over for wine with the Mrs. you can make him feel vastly inferior because you too have a truck with six wheels but with over double the horsepower!

I’m pretty sure I’ve done an amazing job convincing you why you need one of these. But you better act fast because Hennessey is only making three.

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