Last Call- Less is Moretti Edition


No matter how recherché or symbol of a marque’s impending extinction, there remains a certain point where one simply must give up. Battle scarred and compromised  by rust, one of the few remaining Moretti 750 Tour Du Monde spiders has been exiled to parts car duty, never again to turn a tire in anger.

Still, in death – and rebirth – there exists beauty. The intricate patterns in the dry lakebed like paint, moonscape texture of oxidized steel, and a battered badge conspire to bring a new role to aspects of a now dead car – that of contemplation worthy art work.

Image source: ©2013 Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved.


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          2. It's unusual that I'm caught speechless like that. I consider myself a fairly cunning linguist.

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            We regret to inform you that Funny is temporarily out of stock, we recommend checking out this video. If you don't feel like watching the whole eight minutes, watch it from 4:50. I love it how she loses the drummer at five minutes, and the rhytm guitarists smile when he get's the hang of it.

  1. @dukeisduke…LOL
    Rob: This is an absolutely fantabulous image. My dad, a professional photographer, would have had a hard time capturing this essence of the marque, the timeliness of its presence, and its unfortunate demise. Again, absolutely fantastic shot.

    1. I think it's the inclusion of the little white flowers at the top of the Moretti badge, only one being still vibrant and white, the others being in various stages of decay, that make this image so compelling. The fact that the flowers are so tiny and delicate, much as the Moretti was, coupled with the matching colors adds a level of sympathy as well. The more I look, the more I see and appreciate. Beautiful.

  2. OT:
    At the last Cars and Coffee in DFW, I was checking out cars with a pal when I spotted a '67 fastback cruise in as everyone else was leaving. I bolted to my car in the spectator parking to park along side and was able to get this pic…
    <img src="; width="600">
    The owner had it since high school and at one point was red. Repainted the original Gold Lime and gave it a few updates.
    So yea- that was cool.

          1. Yea- first Saturday of the month. Starts about 9-ish and people come in and out until 11.
            Spectator parking in on the north side of the frontage road. There are signs.

    1. Nice shot! Such a contrast too. I really want to see what their baby would look like. I like them both, but each one has something to detract from the perfect mustang.

    2. Looks very similar to my Dad's cars. He's got a 65 Fastback and an 05 GT, both in Gold Lime.

  3. Hitting a little too close at home with the past Italian glory.
    Back a decade and a half a pal of mine went out to look at a pile of parts that once was a Laverda; nothing much was salvageable so he took the two tank badges and gave one to me. I promptly attached it to my then new denim vest. (In true Laverda fashion, they are 10mm head bolts with 11mm drive nuts; not right for badge mounting but that's what my chain adjusters are. Cracks me up every time.)
    As you can see I'm a hog for shiny metal pins; more than a few have fallen off but that old tank badge is still there. It was a connection to the older Laverdas when I got it, but now as I see it deteriorating it's become a reminder that my bike is now one of those old Laverdas, and if I don't get on the stick some jackass is going to be wearing my tank badge.
    <img src=""&gt;

    1. "I like the look of this RV from the back, it's nice and round like an Airstream. I imagine the front is OHDAMMITSOMUCH."

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