Last Call: Lamborghini Urus vs. Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk

Before I watched this I was expecting the Trackhawk to completely obliterate the Urus. In my head I figured the Urus is pretty capable off-road so it cant be better ice the in a 1/4 mile. Since the Trackhawk has track in its name and it was designed for straight-line speed it should have no problem. Little did I know. I suppose the twin-turbo setup on the Urus is what gives it the edge but I thought that would’ve been a bigger advantage in a 1/2 mile. At the end of the day, I think I would still rather have a Trackhawk personally. I loved every single one I valeted and the noise is very addicting.

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2 responses to “Last Call: Lamborghini Urus vs. Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk”

  1. Zentropy Avatar

    I would have bet on the Urus, but if I won such a Lambo in the lottery, I’d take the cash option instead. I have zero interest in that heinous super-crossover.

    The Trackhawk is cool, but honestly I’d be more satisfied with a Durango SRT 392.

  2. nanoop Avatar

    I was thinking “rich people problem”, but realized that rich people don’t have that kind of problems in the first place (unless they have factory spec SUV drag racing as a hobby, which I doubt anyone has).

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