Last Call: Is it just me or does the Bentayga already look old?

Before I get into this I want to say that I really like the Bentayga. I think the ultra-luxury SUV fits perfect for the brand and I’ve adored every single one that I’ve valeted. However, I feel like the design is already old and needs to be updated. The Continental’s facelift made it look a little sleeker and a little less… fat. The Bentayga though still looks a little overweight in my opinion. Obviously it’s an SUV so it’s going to be big but I think its something about the front grille and headlights. I think if they pull it back a little bit and slope it just a hair it would look really fresh. Nothing crazy, just a little a few adjustments. Thoughts?

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16 responses to “Last Call: Is it just me or does the Bentayga already look old?”

  1. SlowJoeCrow Avatar

    You’re right, If you look at the front 3/4 view and squint a little it looks like a sized up PT Cruiser, and not in a good way.

    1. Vairship Avatar

      If anybody wanted to buy my PT Cruiser for 3/4 the price of a Bentayga, I’d be okay with that… 😉

  2. I_Borgward Avatar

    It looks like a crass statement of conspicuous consumption and privilege. And, it’s a friggin’ SUV… who gives a #@&%?

    1. nanoop Avatar

      They have the option of a tourbillon (don’t get me started, it’s a wrist watch movement) in the dash, 150k, limited to four/year because that’s
      the rate they can make those. There’s a reason why people invented quartz watches, which are perfect for automotive applications.

      According to one of their managers ca. six years ago, if you were in the market for an SUV and wanted to spend well above 200k there was nothing you could buy (Cayennes are only so expensive, and the 200k one would look just like the 100k one to your neighbors) Now Bentley has something for you…
      Seriously, they said that – not the Cayenne bit though, they can’t bash the sister brand on record.

      I was so close to pull the trigger, but went for a PT Cruiser and squinting after I’ve read the comment from SlowJoeCrow.

  3. Sjalabais Avatar

    First time I mow the lawn this season. Just checking how much oil I need to replace, I am at awe that Briggs & Stratton provides a power curve for my lawnmower engine.
    That carries more relevance to my life than the wealth distribution issue above.

    1. nanoop Avatar

      Typo, should be “grass torque” of course.

      I do like the 1/100th Nm though!

      1. outback_ute Avatar

        Now we just need tachos for lawnmowers.

    2. 0A5599 Avatar

      Probably related to the small engine horsepower class action lawsuit. They advertise documentable numbers now.

      1. Sjalabais Avatar

        Now that’s an unexpected fun fact. Worthwhile law suit!

  4. Tiberiuswise Avatar

    It looks like a cross between a Lincoln MKT and a Chrysler 300. So, yes.

  5. Troggy Avatar

    The decision has been forced upon me to look into another new car, thanks to the Subaru Outback, which conveniently decided to catch fire, probably thanks to a rodent chewing through something and spilling volatiles which pooled into the skid pan.

    What I need is the Hooniverse answer to the question “With what do I replace a brown, manual station wagon.” I could ask Jalopnik of course, but their answers will be either outrageously predictable or predictably outrageous, with little in between. I’d like an in-between answer, if there is one.

    It’s been written off already, but we haven’t had a value put on it yet. I’m guessing no more than AU$10,000, probably more like $8,000 though.

    The Outback was doing it’s job just fine, but I must acknowledge that ours has some major defects that were probably unique to this car, but was enough to put us off Subaru for now. In terms of size it was just about perfect though.
    It needs to be available in Australia.
    Auto (5 or 6 speed preferred) or manual.
    Station wagon or medium SUV (Not hatchbacks).
    Nothing too exotic enginewise (ie. regular unleaded, probably non-turbo unless it’s diesel)
    Mechanically simple and easy to maintain. 2WD/FWD would be fine.
    Leather seats would be nice if possible – our kids are three and five years old and spill things. We can live with cloth – reality will dictate whether or not we can afford the sort of car that comes with leather seats I think.

    So far I am thinking:
    VW Tiguan
    Hyundai i30
    Toyota Kluger

    Help a Hoon out – any thoughts would be appreciated.

    1. rovingardener Avatar

      Mazda6/Atenza wagon exists in your realm. Also, CX-5. My 6 sedan serves me well, though I would rather have the wagon.

      1. Troggy Avatar

        Good call. We overlooked the 6 when we were shopping around the last time – it didn’t have much offroad/towing capability. It’s worth a look now with our new priorities.

        1. dr zero Avatar
          dr zero

          It may also come with a diesel option too, my brother has the previous model 6 wagon in diesel and enjoys not having to put up with the Australian weekly-ish fuel price cycle.

    2. Vairship Avatar

      Save some of the last of the (marsupial) breed?

  6. evan r Avatar
    evan r

    Looks like an old Touraeg to me.

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