Last Call: Inception Garage Edition

If I lived in this house I would do all my car work out in the driveway. I’m not sure what might use that door in the ceiling but I sure as hell wouldn’t want to find out.
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Image: AcidCow

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13 responses to “Last Call: Inception Garage Edition”

    1. Tomsk Avatar

      Stop! Escher time!

  1. Fuhrman16 Avatar

    Anyone remember the game Road Blaster from the 80’s?

  2. Sjalabais Avatar

    Volvo’s officially 90 years old today. One of few “birthdays” I manage to remember.

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      I am saddened but not surprised that the 66 GL did not make the cut for “90 Years of Refinement.”

      1. Sjalabais Avatar

        Probably not an oversight. =8^)

      2. Vairship Avatar

        I’m sure Van Doorne’s Aanhangwagen Fabriek will mention it in their 90 Years of Infinite Possibilities Gears video next year…

  3. Tiberiuswise Avatar

    Speaking of doors…. My father called me yesterday: “Your mother asked me to fix the side door on the garage. After 35 years it had rotted a little so I re-built it with super thick boards. It should last 100 years now (He’s 85). Problem is, it’s too heavy for me to hold and screw the hinges in.”
    Me: “I’ll be right there.”
    30 min later, looking at the door: “Dad, you’ve got the cars line up inside the garage completely blocking this door. You go in and out through the regular door over there and the cars go in and out through the big overhead door in the front, right?”
    Dad: “Yes.”
    Me: “Why even have this door? Why not nail up some plywood and siding, and call it a day. You don’t even have the ramp that used to lead up to this door. Now it’s just an awkward step right into the flower bed.”
    Dad: “Joan (her real name)! Tiberius (not my real name) said I don’t even need a door here.”
    Me, realizing what I’d done: “Bye!”

  4. salguod Avatar

    Every garage needs an overhead door.

  5. mdharrell Avatar

    If you can think of a more convenient way to load and unload an R4 van, I’d like to hear it.

  6. Guest Avatar

    Ah, but is the door on the roof?

    Or is there merely a roll-up entrance to the pit in the floor?

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