Something that’s been bothering me lately is all these hypercars making a new trim essentially every couple of months. For an extra half a million you get a little better handling and faster 0-60? They’re acting like this is your run of the mill car that anyone would just buy all the trims for. You already have the base, Sport, SuperSport, the Divo, the la Voiture Noire, and now the Pur Sport, it’s a page right out of the Porsche handbook.

I mean, you could just get a normal Chiron plus and an Aventador instead of one of these. But maybe this is just me and the multimillionaires want something new to collect, I have no idea. Or maybe it bothers me because it’s Pur, not Pure so it looks like it would be pronounced purr as in a cat purr. Do you agree or am I just a cranky old man already?

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