Last Call: Dog Is My Copilot Edition

dog is my copilot
Do you have any “driving with pets” stories you’d like to share?
Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day.  It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is not only accepted, it’s encouraged.
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8 responses to “Last Call: Dog Is My Copilot Edition”

  1. MattC Avatar

    My first dog went with me for a proper test drive in a used Jeep Cherokee (4dr/5speed/4.0L). The seller worked on a horse farm that spanned at least 20 acres. I met the seller and she said that she was unable to leave her job taking care of the horses.She stated that if I was serious , I could drive with her while she tending to the various duties. This included forging several small streams, going off road on the property the bulk of the time, getting feed at the local store. etc. My dog (a yellow lab mix puppy) just took in all the sights from the back of the truck. He also walked off lead when we tended to the horses (a first time for him seeing a horse as well), barked and chased after ducks. happily jumped into the back of the Cherokee as we went to the next duty, I honestly think it was about a 2 hour “test drive”.
    Long story short, she decided later that she was going to keep the truck, While I desperately wanted it, I could respect her decision. Leaving the test drive, my dog slept the entire drive home. I wonder to this day who actually had the most fun during that test drive.

  2. Citric Avatar

    My cat doesn’t do well in cars. But she did figure out how to get out of her cat carrier once while on a trip to the vet, which is slightly disconcerting when you’re driving on the highway and your cat is freaking out on the back seat.

    1. Guest Avatar

      My cat did the exact same thing to my dad, except the carrier was in the passenger seat.

      He says it was quite fun to try hold the cat in and the door shut with one hand, while driving with the other.

      1. Sjalabais Avatar

        When our cats were small we did the seven hour drive to my mother in law with the cats in a carrier. Our wild cat was sitting stressed on top of our slightly stupid but cozy cat the entire trip, mostly screaming. We let them out halfway through and had a lot of trouble finding them again.

  3. salguod Avatar

    Visiting my wife’s family in Missouri, we took a day to visit friends 45 mins away. They had just gotten 3 cats to control the mice on their 7 acre property.
    Back at my in laws that night we saw 2 cats that looked suspiciously like theirs. We called and sure enough, they were missing. As a snow storm rolled in, we tried to find them with no luck.
    We waited out the storm and left for Ohio the following day. The next day, I headed to the garage to go get the mail and one of those cats is in the garage and scurried up into the van. She had ridden 600 miles, plus a car wash, on top of the engine cover of our Odyssey.
    I opened the hood later and tried to grab her, got bitten and she ended up spending the month of January in the garage under the Tbird, but she eventually came inside and lived with us for about 7 years. She never liked me much, though.

  4. JayP Avatar

    I’ll take the pup to visit my son and his pup every about 2 times a year. When we get in the truck and he sees we’re taking a particular exit and we make that one intersection… the pup knows exactly where we are and he loses it. He has a better sense of direction than I do.

  5. 0A5599 Avatar

    We used to have an A100 with windows all the way around, and a dog that loved going for rides. There were two seats up front, and none anywhere else. Depending on how many kids were riding, we would sit on the rear fenderwells, beanbag chairs, or the doghouse. The dog would ride all those places, and more. He would run to the front to stand on the doghouse to see out the windshield, then 5 seconds later run to the back and put his front paws on the rear door and stand on his hind legs to see what we passed. Then each slide and out the corners. Then repeat in a random order.
    I don’t remember for certain whether it had air conditioning, but I do remember the heater being mostly pointless except maybe in the front seat. Still, no matter the weather the dog was so excited to go for a ride, he would pant the whole way.
    We had to keep a towel handy for cleaning the windows so my dad could see. After all, we had no seatbelts, and our crumple zone was about 1/16″.

  6. engineerd Avatar

    Nearly every Saturday morning The Mocha and I hop in the Jeep and go to the local coffee shop drive thru. I get coffee and she gets a treat. She now knows, “Do you want to get coffee?” It’s special daddy-Mocha time usually without miniengineerd™. Even if the kid is with us, she’s strapped in her seat in the back seat and Mocha is in the front seat. This little tradition has its own hashtag on the Instagrams: #saturdaymorningcoffeerun