Last Call: Dear Santa Edition

The world of SUVs needs more proper off-road trims from the factory. With the release of the Land Rover Discovery SVX, the company hinted that other models might get similar treatment. If anyone is still looking for a Christmas present for me, look no further. 
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      1. I don’t think so. The article said Speedycop and Jay were filming an episode of Jay’s Garage, and that the Camaro-Festiva lives across the bay in Emeryville (near The Island That Rust Forgot.)

        1. I don’t know the details of its transfer and/or current ownership but it apparently has been at Lemons HQ in Emeryville for a few months now. Here’s a video from back in June:

          1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure Jay Lamm, the 24HOL head honcho, bought the USDC a year of two ago.

      1. Yeah, I think so. It’s all about stopping the first few flakes to find a spot to hold on to, and I doubt there’s much energy needed for that. I am mostly surprised wipers aren’t standard on all trucks.

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