It’s no secret that it takes extreme skill and a massive set of (figurative) cojones to be a professional rally driver. But at the same time, the co-drivers have a massive responsibility as well. Learning the track and making sure to take crystal clear pace notes is imperative to securing any victory. I’m sure Ken Block is experienced enough of a driver to make it through this on his own. However, there are many examples where the co-drivers read one note wrong and the car ended up on its head.

Like I said, driving is no simple task, but riding shotgun and trusting this guy to drift at high speeds and hit hairpins at the end of a cliff based almost entirely off on what you say is impressive too! One wrong call, a left instead of a right, forgetting to say there’s a jump, could completely ruin everything and we’ve seen it happen many times before. So show the codrivers some love, they deserve it.

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