Last Call: Campeur Edition

Look, if you’re going to be towing a trailer you’re going to be holding up traffic now and again. What the heck, you might as well do it with style.
Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day.  It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is not only accepted, it’s encouraged.
Image: Big Rigs on Tumblr

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18 responses to “Last Call: Campeur Edition”

  1. Fred Talmadge Avatar
    Fred Talmadge

    I bet he doesn’t go into the mountains often with that rig. Either that or he is mighty patient.

    1. nanoop Avatar

      He, and hundreds of followers.

  2. Matti Lilleberg Avatar
    Matti Lilleberg

    I wonder if he can get it out of second….

    1. nanoop Avatar

      Third gear on that train? Just like me borrowing a car with a sixth gear: stoically ignore the existence of it will take you home, too, eventually.

  3. Lokki Avatar

    Pssst! Hey buddy!

  4. Wayne Moyer Avatar
    Wayne Moyer

    Wait so let me get this right. The V in 2CV stood for fifth wheel? It was just that the silly French were doing it in the silly Roman numeral system.

    1. Vairship Avatar

      No, C stands for 100 and V stands for 5, so the 2CV was PSA Citroen’s prototype for the Peugeot 205.

      1. Wayne Moyer Avatar
        Wayne Moyer

        So this is what Seb Loeb should be using to go through Dakkar?

          1. Wayne Moyer Avatar
            Wayne Moyer

            Here it is on track at 1:59

  5. gerberbaby Avatar

    you’re all assuming he hasn’t dropped a SBC under that hood

    1. Inliner Avatar

      I wonder if that’d make a 2CV rollable …

  6. Kelf Avatar

    I just want to hug this builder. A completely whimsical thing to do, and so nicely finished.
    Maybe he worked with these people –
    An even more ambitious one –

  7. Victor Avatar

    On this date in automotive history: “On this day in 1904, Henry Ford (pictured standing with Barney
    Oldfield) sets a land-speed record of 91.37 mph on the frozen surface of
    Michigan’s Lake St. Clair.

    1. Fred Talmadge Avatar
      Fred Talmadge

      That driver deserves a hot toddy!

      1. Tiller188 Avatar

        Doing 90+ in (on?) that, on a frozen lake? I’d have needed a couple beforehand.

      2. Lokki Avatar

        He got a hot toddy – in fact he’s lucky his toddy didn’t get burned right off.
        That whole scenario is just insane on every level:
        Let’s bolt together four steel rails strong enough to hold 500 pounds of motor, hook that puppy up with chain drive and no differential to some bicycle wheels… no real brakes, and let’s see how fast we can go! Oh, and how can we get some additional degree of insanity points? Let’s see, no windshield, and uh, no seat belts, and, and gotta be sumthin’ else..
        I know! Let’s do it on ice!
        Men in those days apparently were on a first name basis with death, and like daring him to try and come and take them if he could….

  8. Michael Mitchell Avatar
    Michael Mitchell

    imagine the noise and vibration rolling through that tin can as it pulled a grade….