Last Call: Cadillac Concept? Crazy cool

Imagine a Citroen DS meets an old Cadillac. What happens? You get an excellent concept car that Cadillac should’ve built. This thing is gorgeous…

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  1. Imagine a SAAB 900 meets an old… um, Olds. What happens? Cutlass Salon happens.

    (I was going to say the Cadillac had a frog-butt; only you referenced Citroën and threw my frog-ass reference way into the wrong context.)

    Ahem. That Cadillac has a toad’s ass.

  2. The issue here is that the Cadillac has a hot body, but the face of an old lady. To each their own, but these designers didn’t quite get to their destination.

    1. Like everyone else, electrification is a time for re-invention. Everyone else is doing the necksnapping EV thing, so why not a return to the confident full size saloon of the 50s? I’m not saying Fins and Chrome, I mean something big, confident and distinctly American that isn’t trying to be a German sports saloon. The could put the Ciel concept into production today and it’d still look fresh.,compress&fit=crop&crop=faces&dpr=1&q=75

      1. Looks like the 1968 Impala SS’ ugly step sister. It had already been done and more elegantly.

        Further, as Ol’ Bat points out above, GM had (has?) a remarkable talent for great concept cars, but almost always managed (manage?) to make the production model look like a crude North Korean copy of the original concept.

      2. Yup, build it big enough and you’ll have plenty of room to add batteries to compensate for any aerodynamic loss from a little design swagger. Plus, as an electric, the OEMs don’t have to worry as much about preserving fleet average fuel economy, I assume.

      3. Oh, I agree! May have mentioned it before, but a car like my Centennial, already carrying a solid amount of insulation, would be brilliant as a conversion. Silent, powerful, weight doesn’t matter…I haven’t put that idea away just yet, it’s very costly though.

    2. After I posted I took a look at the front end of that Caddy and realized it had the face of a Humpback Whale. It gets more Lovecraftian the more I look at it, all chimeric juxtapositions of amphibians and mammals from the unsounded deeps, strange geometries of crystalline facets interrupted by impossible curves.

      Those A-pillars, though. Like umbrella stalks. Fat chance we’ll ever see their like again.

      1. You’re on to something there. The slightly off angle of the grille didn’t really come across on my tiny phone screen either, looks worse in a bigger screen.

        Talking about A pillars and concepts, Volvo had this one in a 2003 idea of better forward visibility:

      2. True, but perhaps someone could use outside glass to disguise the rollover protection. A few vehicles do that farther back, where the glass can have dark tinting.

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