Last Call- Baby on Running Board Edition

Baby on Board

Bubba’s Day Care may have been pretty popular with the families in the housing tract, but it was his school bus that was the biggest hit with the kids.

Image: [Imgur – thanks Kamil]


    1. Not after spending for the truck. Fortunately, they have their priorities in proper order.

  1. How does that truck even work off road? I know, I know, it's never going to actually go off-road… but its gonna have a stupidly-low ramp travel index what with the tires crashing into the wheelwells before the suspension actually compresses.

  2. GAHHH!!! My nemesis! Here on the lovely Camp Lejeune, some Marines think it a good idea to spend all of their money on trucks such as these, and then proceed to use them solely for commuting…which would make sense because you can't use them for towing, or hauling, or much of anything except going mudding in, but they don't really do that because they're too worried about breaking something.

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