It’s been a long time coming already. In addition to a full-on Bronco SUV, it appears that Ford will be releasing a smaller CUV in the coming months. Aptly named “Baby Bronco” among those speculating and waiting for the vehicle’s release, what we have here is another look at the small crossover. This time, it’s a bare body and frame.

The image was sent in to, which claims it received the picture from an anonymous source.  They have not received definitive confirmation that it is in fact the Baby Bronco…but it certainly looks like it could be so. One thing is for sure: the shape is much more Bronco-esque than the recently even more car-ified, rounded out Escape. And with the full-on Bronco expected to be a body-on-frame vehicle, this isn’t that.

With auto show season right around the corner this could be a show car or preproduction vehicle being worked through its final stages. But will the Baby Bronco be what we expect it to? Time will tell. For now, we wait.