Last Call- At Your Service, Amico Edition

Ferrari Service

Photographer Gary Hebding managed to have a Wonka-esque experience as he and his SCCA buddies managed to go behind the scenes at a Ferrari dealer, including a trek through the service bays. He describes the magical experience as follows:

Last week our local SCCA region had a membership meeting at a Ferrari/Maserati dealer. Since I’m really into photography of course I brought my camera and a couple lenses with. Before the meeting we could just walk around the dealer and look at whatever. After the meeting me and a couple buddies asked some guys who worked there if we could go inside the service bay to look around, and after a brief consideration they let us in. Just free (very careful) roam around a garage with millions of dollars worth of cars, no problem. It was such a cool experience, especially considering how big a Ferrari fan I am.

The above shot is emblematic of the awesomeness inherent in the opportunity offered. You can see more of his snaps on his Flickr stream here.

Image source: Gary Hebding via Flickr

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2 responses to “Last Call- At Your Service, Amico Edition”

  1. Alff Avatar

    All I need is that Dino.

  2. sporty88au Avatar

    I'll take the two-tone late 1950's coupe that's partly hidden behind the white Dino.

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