Last Call: Air Play Edition

The only thing that could possibly make this any better were if the donor car had been a Dodge Dart Swinger.
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  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    The most feel-good, warm fuzzy monster truck in my whole neighborhood has 3 inch tall vinyl lettering on the back window that reads “It’s nice to be important / but it’s more important to be nice”, has a bitchin’ mylar peace symbol on each door, pink fuzzy dice and is not at Burnin’ Dude this week!!

    1. Vairship Avatar

      Maybe it also runs on biodiesel or french fry oil? 😉

  2. Maymar Avatar

    Vague, half-thought out rant time. I went autocrossing again on the weekend – a significant number of the cars participating were Miatas and Toyobarus. The Internet likes to moan about how the former is a chick car and the latter is underpowered, but frankly, I think they’re not underpowered enough. You know what the first RWD car I spent any real time with was? A Chevy Chevette, which might’ve made 60hp when it was new, and made no where near that by the time I drove it. The only way it was ever going to break the tires loose was in winter, and those tires were so bald, it was powersliding at walking speed. I got to wrap my head around how a RWD car handled without killing myself. Today, we consider a V6 Mustang quick enough – I feel comfortable saying I would have killed myself with 300hp, and with 3600lbs behind me, I probably could’ve taken out a medium-sized stadium while I was at it. We’re failing the budding hoons of tomorrow by taking issue with “underpowered” RWD stuff.

    1. kogashiwa Avatar

      Bring back the Toyota Starlet!

      1. Rover 1 Avatar
        Rover 1

        And no fancy alloys like this one. Better make it a 1 litre motor too, not the overpowered 1.3.

    2. Sjalabais Avatar

      I still think 160hp out of a 2.4 liter engine are MASSIVE. And do kids today really start out in Toyobarus and Miatas? My “getting old”-rant related to that would rather be that these kids need to earn money themselves and finance their cars with their own boredom and sweat.

      1. Maymar Avatar

        Well, only if their parents buy it for them. I’m thinking in terms of the used market, once they start getting into the $5k range. As long as the Miata doesn’t go away, there’ll always be something almost reasonable, but more options would be nice.

  3. ptschett Avatar

    I just realized that the Thunderbird has been mine (initially de facto with parental help, becoming de jure a few years later) for 18 years now. I don’t have an early photo but it still looked OK in 2004 (on the Lincoln Mark VIII wheels I used for awhile, when 60-series 16″ tires were “low profile”)

    1. CruisinTime Avatar

      That have the 4.6 V/8 ?

      1. ptschett Avatar

        Correct, the 4.6L, 2V/cylinder, non- (because pre-) Power-Improved making all of 205 HP / 280 lbf-ft of torque.

  4. Batshitbox Avatar

    Bollocks Bollocks! Bollocks! Bollocks and Bloody Buggery Bollocks! %&$#! %^*(^@%!!! and ^&^%#!*!!!!
    RIP Gene Wilder. I’m going to ask warm fuzzy monster truck for a hug.

  5. spotarama Avatar

    adds new meaning to telling the kids to go out and play in traffic

  6. crank_case Avatar

    Got to my first trackday in way too long last friday, was very kindly offered to share driving this wee beastie, a caged up, 2zz swapped Toyota MR-S. Just a cracking little car, I can’t think of a better not-a-miata track car base for the money.

    1. JayP Avatar

      I level checked a student in a modded MRS – That car was on rails. When we finished the session I asked how many times he touched the brake… he said once, just now.

  7. wunno sev Avatar
    wunno sev

    that swing was just INVENTED for making out

  8. Alff Avatar

    Huuuuge sway bar.

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