Land Rover will bring the new Defender to the US in 2020

For decades now, the Land Rover Defender has been a symbol of simplified ability. By that I mean, the Defender is a fairly basic machine but it’s one that can go anywhere. The Defender story begins way back in 1983 when Land Rover introduced a truck called the 110. A year later, the 90 landed with a slightly smaller wheelbase.

Our own US-version of the Defender didn’t show up until 1993. And it only stuck around through the 1997 model year. Referred to as NAS-spec Defenders, if you come across one it’s most likely to be a 90, however, a handful of 110s also made it onto the US-bound boat.

Now Land Rover is ready to reveal its all-new Defender. This one is going for global glory. That’s great news for us here in the US and Canada. The Defender will be sold in America starting in 2020.

We don’t know the price. Nor do we know what the exterior or interior will look like, though you can bet there will be some Velar-esque tech bits on the inside. What we can expect, of course, is that Land Rover will deliver a vehicle that can go where ever you’d like it to. Hopefully it still looks tough, square, and has a hint of old-school-cool mixed in there as well.

This version of the Defender will be built for a broader market, according to Land Rover. That line gives us pause, but doesn’t disrupt our hope for the 2020 Defender. It’s definitely coming here, and that’s exciting. Now we just have to wait and see if it lives up to the hype happening in our heads.

Per a press release from Land Rover, the engineering team has been hard at work putting the Defender through the appropriate paces. Testing has been conducted in temperatures as low as -40 on up to 120F. So if you live in the desert or the Arctic Circle, you should be good to go.

Like you, we’re eager to learn a lot more about the new Defender. Land Rover says we can do just that in 2019.

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