Lamborghini Weekend Edition – 1989 Lamborghini LM-002


I think it’s only right to end the Lamborghini Weekend with a LM-002. You know, we featured the Stallone Jalpa in one of the previous posts, and this is the Lamborghini dubbed the Rambo Lambo.

This noticeably watermarked and framed 1989 LM-002 is for sale at a Swiss dealer.


Originally devised as a military vehicle, the LM 002 found popularity with sheiks and other wealthy Saudis back in its ’80s heyday. It never made any military sales, but was often found on desert roads, kitted to the maximum with quality leather and an air of excess.


Red leather and wood everywhere, the monstrous but ostentatious LM 002 most likely inspired the customer sales of the original Humvees. But being Italian-designed, it does the debauchery exceptionally well in comparison.



And the LM is even a pickup. There was a single estate version built, but otherwise the LM is like a 8-bit Ridgeline.

This particular truck has only 28 000 km:s under its belt, and has the asking price of over a hundred grand in dollars. Funnily enough, the ad over at Classic Driver says “Last Chance to get one cheap”. The actual sales ad at the dealer’s site doesn’t.

[Images: Elite Garage]


  1. When i think of Rambo, I think of the dude at the gym with really, really bad B.O…who thinks it's ok, because it's the gym, but he stunk before he got there, and it only got worse.

        1. they havent made the tires in 20 years. I remember an interview with an owner mentioning that.

          1. They still make them, but in very limited numbers. Latest batches are from 2005 and 2008 AFAIK.

    1. Enough sidewall to jump a high, sharp-edged curbstone and not so much as feel it.

  2. That dealership has the most impressive inventory I've seen. Four Audi Sport Quattros? Six BMW 2002 Turbos?
    Imagine choosing between 5 different group B cars? A Stratos and two Miuras?
    Oh my, now I know where to go when I win the lottery.

  3. My dream car garage has both one of these, and a late Countach in it.
    I've seen a Countach up close and personal…they look very much like a kit car inside…but that exterior… Oh, that exterior.
    This one is merely wrong on so many levels, it's full of WIN!
    Being an Italian vehicle from the 80's, I'd not be surprised if the steering column didn't tilt. You, too, can be Ralph Kramden!

    1. But is it 8-bit because it is old school as opposed to a modern-day 64-bit technology,
      or is it 8-bit because it is 4 times as good as some two-bit Ridgeline?

  4. I still remember the C&D quote on the styling of the LM002. Something like: "Looks like a stylist on recreational pharmaceuticals carved it out of a single lump of modeling clay by swinging a dull meat axe."
    Yup, about right.

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