Lamborghini Weekend Edition – 1967 Lamborghini Miura


You can’t do a Lamborghini Weekend without catering to the needs of the fans of the Miura. And they’re right, as the Miura remains one of the best-looking classic supercars in existence. It’s a shape that makes no excuses for itself, kinda like 1960s Sophia Loren. But I digress. It’s a nice way to digress, of course.

Take a look at this 1967 Miura in eye-catching red.


The Miura, like the previous 350 GT, is being offered on May 25th at the Villa Erba auction by RM Auctions. It’s a beautiful piece of work down to every detail, like a gentleman’s timepiece that gets passed on from father to son.


There are little details that catch the eye, like the perforared leather on the driver’s seat, the yellow extra markings on the speedo (which appears to be in miles), the little widget lock on the reverse gear of the H gate.



The transversely mounted V12 is deliciously close to the driver’s ears. And I absolutely love how the rear end is a clamshell that opens up to reveal every nook and cranny of the engine. It’s such a convenience for the firefighters…


Jokes aside, I’m adamant that the Miura really made the transition to catwalk cool for Lamborghini. The 350 and 400 were front-engine GT:s with their own sort of atmosphere, and the Miura was just out there in outer space when it comes to making an impact.

See the listing here at RM Auctions

[Images: RM Auctions]


  1. In the day, me 'rents took the whole brood up to the Chicago auto show, and low and behold, there she sat. The Miura. I dropped to my knees and shouted "My God, it's so sexy!"
    Luckily, my parents, while able to function in english, hadn't caught the slang I was learning at public school. The Lambo booth babes thought it was funny, but still wouldn't give me a pamphlet.

  2. I've never found much to like in Lamborghini's post-Miura and Espada offerings; to me, the Miura is the last beautiful automobile the company ever made. Comparing this to a Countach/Gallardo/Aventador/yet another slab-sided and chiseled variant is akin to comparing a bespoke pair of hand made leather loafers to a new set of Air Jordans.

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