Ken Block takes to the dirt in Terrrakhana

The Ken Block-Gymkhana formula has been running for quite a few years now. You take Mr. Block, place him in a high-powered machine, and let him loose on some manner of automotive playground. Lately it’s an entire city but it also used to be a warehouse or some sort of derelict compound. Now the Hoonigan Media Machine is changing the game a bit.
Terrakhana has Block back in his RX43 Fiesta race car, but the location has no tarmac. Instead, Block and his rally rocket are in the empty spaces of Utah and the Earth itself provides a wild course for Ken to traverse.
He catches insane air, throws up lots of dust, and rides along some incredibly steep rock faces. It’s a nice change up to the series and shows that these rally-prepped cars can pretty much do anything.

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2 responses to “Ken Block takes to the dirt in Terrrakhana”

  1. Zentropy Avatar

    Not as fun to watch as the tarmac gymkhana videos, but I’m sure he had fun making it. I’d be interested how much editing and how many shoots are involved. The car obviously needed to be repaired after that off-kilter landing around 1:23 that I’m sure ripped the fender free, if not bent suspension.

  2. Vairship Avatar

    Given what looks to be like a total lack of precipitation in that area, I wonder how long the tire tracks will stay visible?