Just To Whet Your Appetite

So this weekend begins Spring Bike Weeks down here in Daytona Beach, Florida. My fellow Hoons may remember a post this olelongrooffan did about Biketoberfest last fall. This afternoon I headed down to Beach Street to see what was going on.

The entire street was lined with semis and box trucks unloading and setting up

huge display tents such as the one in the above image. After I had captured a few images, that burly dude sitting in that cooler laden golf cart stopped me and asked why I was taking those images. I asked if he knew what a blog was and he said no but you’re gonna tell me. I explained what a blog is and mentioned “Two Wheeled Tuesdays” here in the Hooniverse. He said fine and then proceeded to explain that at a lot of this type events he sets up around this good ole USA, many times people will take photos of the blocked off sidewalks and submit them with a rant to the local newspapers. I laughed and said you will have no problem from me about that. “And besides,” I added, “you’ll kick my ass if I did that.” We both got a hearty chuckle over that and I took my leave.

I decided to head over to Main Street beachside and see what was up. I appears every normally vacant storefront had some type of vendor hawking motorcycle related stuff. And every parking lot had a more vendors or portable bars set up in them.

Even my parts friends at Beachside got in on the action.
Well that’s it my fellow Hoons. This olelongrooffan is gonna be checking all this two wheeled stuff and get back to you if I can find anything cool to share.

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